Modutech S.r.l., has been created in 2001 but started from the company C&F sport engineering since 1989, when Alessandro Cariani fouded a R&D company specialized in fluid dynamics and sport hardware engineering.

Today Modutech is a R&D company which bases his knowledge on a long time experience in research for many other firms but started in 2003 to self produce innovative items in the field of renewable energies and in high efficiency cooling systems through the application of CAD-CAE systems and CFD applied on thermofluid dynamics simulation.

Modutech innovation is based on the request of market but first of all analyses is made to be able to suggest top technical solutions, with top performances.

The aim is to give custoners a fast and reliable answer: with Modutech, industries who need to be more competitive in global market can find the innovation needed to stay on the top saving the costs of an inside R&D area, and with a better confidentiality due to the cooperation with an external company.

Modutech develop simulation of processes with physical modeling and several test made from 1986: our wind tunnel etst has been used since 1990 by the most important helmet maker all around the world, as it's easy to find on the web.

As Modutech works since late 90's, a big database is available in the filed of thermo-fluid dynamics, in geothermal applications and in comparative evaluation of sport hardware, particularly in Motorcycle and car racing but even in ski or diving.

For cumputer aided design Modutech has availability of high numeric power as linked with many research laboratories in Italy and abroad, with a large number of acquisition data systems necessary to be able to analyse the physics of phenomena.

Modutech cooperates with:

· Dipartimento di Energetica - Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

· Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale - Politecnico di Milano – (Italy)


R&D area

Modutech is specialized in the following areas: :

Aerodynamics e thermo-fluid dynamics;

R&D, engineering and installation of low enthalpy geothermal systems with innovative GEOCOMPACT® probes;

Industrial plant engineering

Street light engineering (simulation of piazza Aldo Moro - Toritto - Bari) cooperation with Pierre Cardin maison;

Industrial automation and plant engineering temperature control with geothermal system GEOCOMPACT;

Piping engineering and non-osmotic desalination systems WATER DROPLET SYSTEM© (zero emission plants).


MODUTECH   S.r.l. - Via Calefati 330 70122 Bari (Ba).  Tel +39 - 080 - 5207097 fax: +39 - 080 5220581


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