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Welcome in the website of Modutech S.r.l., R&D company in the field of computational and experimental thermo-fluid dynamics.

Modutech's know-how are particularly present in analisys of fluid-dynamic processes in industrial and civil heating and cooling, in high efficiency temperature control in chemical plants, in non-osmotic desalination plants, in low enthalpy Geothermal engineering and in developing "ZERO-Emission" integrated systems using renewable processes.

Integration in these processes has been used in "Terraforming" project, the creation in a desertic area of a zero emission garden starting from pure sand and seawater to allow the growth of 45.000 square meters garden in the Arabic desert.

Geocompact application draw.

CFD simulation

Radiative cooler MDTCH Art#1


Welcome to Modutech: The Geo R&D company !

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Wind tunnel test on motorcycle helmets

Geocompact heat probe: how to save money with Geothermy

Geocompact Functional diagram


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