Modutech S.r.l. was born in 2001 as a R&D company in the field of computational and experimental fluid-dynamics for motorcycle and car helmets, heat exchange systems and low-enthalpy geothermal systems for international customers.

Long time cooperating with Nolan S.p.A. and Arai for engineering solution in ventilation and phonometrics and developing test for comparison of performances of helmets since 1985 lead Modutech to be the company leader in the world in motorcycle helmets wind tunnel test, having the most important f motorcycle helmets producers in the world as customers.

Since 1992 Modutech cooperates with Arai company for developing aerodynamical performance test in order to verify helmets behaviour both in wind tunnel facilities than in track to compare and increase performances.

Our deep knowledge in thermo-fluid dynamics (using many software as Floworks allow Modutech to start in 2004 the develop of a brand new product called GEOCOMPACT, a thermal probe to be used as easy-to-install thermal exchangers for low enthalpy geothermy who guarantee approximately 50% of cost saving in Geothermal cooling installation.

Photovoltaic or eolic systems works together with GEOCOMPACT and generates energy needed for cooling, water heating and desalining (with our product WATER DROPLET SYSTEM) to create a stand alone plant to be used in island resorts.

Photovoltaics systems are actually used even in street lighting to power our PC series lighting poles which is not only stand alone but has many electronic systems to be used to increase safety in high speed roads: in fact many patents are used to create a real active light poles or trafic light.

Pierre Cardin Light poles and street lights, designed directly by the great couturies with the help of Rodrigo Basilicati (Rodrigo design) more than representing a simple artpiece, shows the engineering philosophy of Modutech as precognized by Mr. Pierre Cardin, the concept of "sculpture utilitaires" (usef sculptures) which contains technological innovation mixed with atr research

Cooperating with Maison Cardin Modutech has developed even high efficiency art coolers, always designed by Pierre Cardin and Rodrigo whose it's possible to see a sampla below.




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